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The bistro “Kamp’s” with brand new kitchen


Twenty years our popular bistro is already old, the last ten years as bistro “Kamps” and the ten years before as a bistro “Strandhörn”. For both gastronomic concepts, the same kitchen has served well over two decades, but had to be replaced after several hundred thousand meals.

After just four weeks of refurbishment, our bistro kitchen team not only cooks with a state-of-the-art, but also chic, professional kitchen, which now also has an energy-efficient and thus environmentally-efficient composite refrigeration system.
In addition, a so-called Volltouch POS system was introduced, which makes the work processes between service and kitchen even more efficient.

The season 2019 can come! We look forward to seeing you and promise you a “great time!” in our bistro “Kamp’s”.