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General terms and conditions


The legal situation when ordering a hotel room:


1. if a hotel room is ordered, confirmed or made available at short notice in writing, verbally or by telephone, a guest accommodation contract has been established.


2. the establishment of the guest accommodation contract obligates the contracting parties for the entire duration of the contract to fulfill the mutual obligations arising from it.


a) The obligation of the Hotel is to keep the room ready according to the order.

b) The guest is obliged to pay the contracted rate for the hotel room.

3. If a guest does not use the booked hotel room, he/she remains legally obliged to pay the rate for the agreed hotel room, regardless of the reason for his/her inability to use the room. Only factual savings of the hotel have to be deducted (§537(I) BGB).


4. the savings of the hotel are 10% of the booked rate in case of apartments, 20% in case of bed and breakfast, 30% in case of half board and 40% in case of full board stays.


5. if the hotel is able to allocate the unused room to another party, the guest is not obligated to pay the amount of the revenue generated by the other party for this period.


6. the hotel has a right to demand cash payment for all services before departure and, accordingly, a legal lien on the guest’s belongings brought into the hotel.


7. place of jurisdiction is the place of business, because even in case of non-use of the room, the services from the guest accommodation contract are to be provided at the place of business.

Dear guest,


in case of a cancellation up to 4 weeks before arrival, we generally do not charge any cancellation fees.


Our tip

Who can look into the future? Therefore, please consider your travel cancellation insurance or use our in-house cancellation fee flat rate (42 € per booked room / apartment)! With these you can cancel your booking free of charge up to 5 days before arrival, regardless of the reason for cancellation.

Please note that the package must be completed within 10 days of making the reservation and at least 4 weeks before arrival. Simply transfer €42 per booked room/apartment to our account, stating your booking period: IBAN: DE71 2415 0001 0000 2745 55 (SWIFT BIC: BRLADE21CUX)


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 04721 / 403-0.