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Dogs are very welcome here, but…

  • we only live on the 1st and 2nd floors and are absolutely housebroken!
  • we have our own camp or ask at the reception for a dog blanket! Sofa, bed and chairs are only for the comfortable bipeds.
  • we have to be so good that no other guests are disturbed by our barking!
  • while “master & mistress” are in the restaurant or in the breakfast room, we are waiting still in the room!
  •  in the hotel we always have to be accompanied and so that my “master & mistress” doesn’t get lost in the hotel, I better lead them behind me on a leash.
  • we have to welcome the nice ladies who clean our rooms every day!
  • we should be used to being in contact with many people and other dogs.
  • we’re not allowed to go to the beach in Duhnen.

The varied landscapes behind the dikes offer plenty of space for extended walks with the dog. Unfortunately, the free space in front of the dikes (on the lake side) in the area of the sandy and green beaches is quite limited. Due to the many children, the increasing susceptibility to allergies and the width of the beaches, dogs are unfortunately not allowed here.

At all beach sections, from “Alte Liebe” to Duhnen and in Sahlenburg, there are so-called dog toilets with bags for dog excrement at the foot of the dyke. Please use these bags and remove the leftovers of your dog!


Dear dog owner, dear guest!

These are some necessary hints in the interest of all involved. Please understand that we have drawn up these “rules” on the basis of our experience, but also that we may have to charge for damage or special cleaning (in addition to daily dog fee).

We wish you and your little friend a pleasant stay in our house and in the beautiful Duhnen!

Your family Kamp and employees
…and of course Bonny who personally welcomes his “colleagues”.

Strand Nordsee
Strandkörbe Wiese

Dogs are welcome here!

Sand beaches:
Sahlenburger dog beach

Green beaches:
Grimmershörner dog beach near the beach entrance Kurpark as well as the so-called “ Hundewiese“ between the ferry port and “Alte Liebe“.

Altenbrucher dog beach, near rescue station

There is also a dog meadow between the dike and dune between the outdoor pool Steinmarne and the beach restaurant Behrens. There is no beach access for dogs. From the Kugelbake to the heavy-duty ramp Duhnen you can go for a walk on the dyke with your leashed dog. This is also allowed in the Grimmershörnbucht.




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Holiday experiences

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